The International Association of Close Protection Officers

Bronze Membership

Bronue Membership


The IACPO Bronze Membership is open for those who only work in the CPO industry and cannot comply with the Golden or Silver membership. Please send us a verification of where you work (employer's reference) to receive the membership. The IACPO Bronze Membership for one year includes:

  • Member get listed on the IACPO website
  • Forum access to IACPO member area
  • Member certificate (Bronze)
  • Member ID card
  • Subscription to PROTECTION News Online - the only online magazine in the world dedicated to the CP industry.
  • Access to the membership section of the CP Forum at

The Membership will extend automatically after one Year, please send us a short notice if you don´t want to extend your membership (at latest a month before expiration)!


The Membership is available via the IACPO-Shop

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